Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
CategoryRepresents a Category
CategoryCompareIdComparator used for comparing Categories by id
CategoryCompareNameComparator used for sorting Categories by name
GuiStateClass encapsulating state of an object in the data model
ItemRepresents an Item
ItemCompareIdComparator used for comparing Items by id
ItemCompareNameComparator used for sorting Items by name
ItemFunctorFunctor for processing items
KitListMain application class
KitListDaoDefines the methods that an implementation of this class must implement
KitListGuiEncapsulates the methods for the application's GUI front end
KitModelHolds a rich graph of objects representing the application's data model
KitParserSaxParser implementation for reading the KitModel from an XML document
KitPrintOperationPrints the kitlist
ModelCategoryRepresents a Category combined with GuiState attributes
ModelCategoryColumnsA definition for displaying a ModelCategory in a combo box
ModelItemRepresents an Item combined with GuiState attributes
ModelItemColumnsA definition for displaying an item in a multi-column list
ModelItemCompareIdComparator for comparing items by their unique ID
ServiceBusiness/service layer implementation
XmlDaoImplementation of a KitListDao using XML as the persistence store

Copyright 2008-2010 Frank Dean