Add tl_settings column to usertable in database schema


  • Implemented upload and download of TripLogger iOS client app settings

    A new column has been added to the usertable table to support this functionality. The following SQL statement needs to be executed in the trip database:

    ALTER TABLE usertable ADD COLUMN IF NOT EXISTS tl_settings text;
  • Options to import and export full itinerary, including text and sharing.

  • Option to create a duplicate copy of an itinerary.

  • Where the start and finish dates of an itinerary being viewed relate to a different time zone, show the time alongside the date on the itinerary page to clarify, otherwise it can appear the dates differ by a day in some circumstances.

  • Optionally using YAML instead of JSON for the TRIP configuration file.

    The existing config.json script can be converted to config.yaml with yarn run config2yaml.

  • Bug fix - pasting waypoints into an itinerary didn't necessarily create them in time order.


  • Asynchronously load elevation data on startup


  • Bug fix - request never completed when deleting waypoint
  • Fixed logging not formatting log statements with more than one parameter
  • Correction to example config file for log.timestamp entry
  • Set locale and time zone in Vagrant startup
  • Support Docker deployment
  • Handle root URL GET request when running in Docker container
  • Replace Winston logger with simple implementation following RFC5424
  • Changed autoquit to only quit when app.autoQuit.timeOut is a positive value
  • Disable using OSM tile server until configured properly
  • Graceful handling when no tile provider configured
  • Added nodemon to restart the server during development


  • Re-implemented itinerary search results to provide more detailed results


  • Bug fix - route length not recalculated when points deleted
  • Only relates to deleting points as part of the client 'Edit path' functionality.


  • Updated Vagrant to use trip-web-client 1.1.3

    No actual code changes affecting the deployed server.


  • Prune expired tiles from cache
  • Updated Vagrant to use Debian 10.1 and Node.js version 10.17.0


  • Update required version of lodash due to vulnerability, CVE-2019-10744.

    Vulnerable versions: < 4.17.13


  • Searches for itineraries that contain waypoints, route points or track segment points within a specified distance.

    Note: This release also requires installing the PostGIS extension to PostgreSQL. See the 'Next Release' section of the trip-server README.


  • Implemented user password change