8.9 Creating a New Route

Optionally select one or more waypoints, routes or tracks in the itinerary that will help to zoom the map into the intended area.

Select the Features > View > Show map menu option to display the selected features on the map. Pan and zoom to the desired area.

To start creating a new route, click on the new route icon at the top right of the page. The icon depicts a slight left turn sign.

Click on each position you want the route to follow. When you have finished entering all the points for the route, either click the Finish button adjacent to the new route icon or click on the last point of the route.

On a system with a keyboard and mouse, holding down the shift key allows a freehand route to be created.

When you view the itinerary page all the new routes are at at the end of the list of routes and are unnamed having only an ID. To edit the route’s attributes, select the route in the itinerary page and select the Features > Edit > Attributes menu option.

Click the edit icon to modifying an existing route. Click and drag on existing nodes, or click and drag on other parts of the route to create a new node. Nodes can be deleted by holding down the alt key and clicking on the node to be deleted. On touch screen devices double-click the node to delete it.