5.1 Download TripLogger Settings

You can upload the settings from the TripLogger Remote for iOS app to the website as described in Upload TripLogger Settings.

Clicking on the Download Updated TripLogger Settings button will download those settings, updating them with the latest user UUID that you may have generated. The settings can then be imported into the TripLogger app. This can be easier than trying to copy and paste the UUID from a browser window etc.

If you have never uploaded any settings, this option creates and downloads some default values that you can import into TripLogger. The values used for the default settings are configured by the administrator of your TripServer website. This procedure is intended for use when you are performing the app’s initial configuration.

The downloaded file contains your current UUID, so, if you intend to share the file with someone else, you should generate a new tracking UUID and import that into TripLogger before passing the previous file containing the old UUID to anyone else.