8.3 Live Map

One or more live tracks can be viewed on an itinerary map. From the itinerary page, optionally select any routes, waypoints and tracks and click the Show map button.

To see live track logs on the map, click the lightening control displayed near the top right of the map. A list of users who are sharing their tracks with you are displayed, including yourself. You can modify the start range date and time for displaying locations and also filter the reported locations to only include those less than a maximum HDOP value. You can also modify how frequently the map checks for updates by altering the value for Refresh interval (seconds).

If your browser supports providing your position, you can use it to track your own position. Generally, it is likely to be better to log your locations using one of the client applications, but this facility is provided as a fallback, should it be more convenient to use the browser. Bear in mind some browsers have an option to reduce the accuracy of your position for privacy reasons.

When the Track & record yourself checkbox is enabled, the browser will occasionally report your position. The positions will be added to your track log with the provider attribute set to web-browser and shared with any other users that you have given permission to. You can minimise the frequency of these updates by changing the value for Tracking interval (seconds). The actual frequency of updates is ultimately dictated by the browser.

Click the Start or Apply button to put your choices into effect.

Clicking the Stop button stops both the live updates of tracked locations as well as stopping logging your own locations.