8.17 Split Track

If a track has multiple segments, selecting a segment and clicking the Split track button splits the existing track into two. The selected and following segments are moved from the current track to a new one.

8.17.1 Split Segment

Click on the segment ID to display the track segment points.

Clicking on the checkbox in the table header above the list of segments, selects all segments and displays them on the map below.

If there are more than 10 track segment points, you can page forwards and backwards through them.

Tip: Whether the checkbox in the table header was selected when you navigate to a new page is remembered. Therefore, selecting the checkbox and navigating through the pages allows you to quickly review a track segment.

To split a segment into two, select a single track segment checkbox and click the Split segment button. The selected track segment point and all subsequent ones in the same segment are moved from the current segment into a new segment.

Tip: To split a track at a particular track segment point, split the track in two operations. Firstly split the track segment at that track segment point, then secondly split the track at the new track segment.