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8 Itinerary Search

Itineraries can be searched for by their location and a radius. Click the Search button at the bottom of the Itineraries list page.

Enter the position of the centre of the area to search, in any of the formats supported when adding a waypoint. Add Waypoint Enter the radius in kilometres in the Distance input field. (E.g. 0.125 for 125 metres.) Click Search to perform the search.

Note: If a waypoint been copied using the Features > Edit > Copy menu option of the Itinerary page, it is used to pre-populate the search position for convenience. E.g. if you want to search an area, drop a waypoint on the itinerary map, copy it using the menu option, then initiate the search.

The itinerary search results shows a list of itineraries that have either waypoints, tracks or routes with a point lying within the search radius. Use your browser’s options to open itineraries of interest in a separate tab or window to examine their contents without losing your search results.

Note: A path that intersects with the search radius but doesn’t actually have a point within it, is excluded from the results.